NOTE:  Services are provided to individual adults in Ontario, ages 17 to 65. Individual therapy appointments are offered on weekdays between 9:30-3:30. On Tuesdays and Thursdays appointments are available in person at 317 Catherine Street, Buzzer #2 and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday via secure video.

Individual psychotherapy:

The core service I offer is individual psychotherapy for adults in Ontario. Sessions are 1 hour, the last 10 minutes of the hour is typically spent wrapping up and booking the next appointment, if applicable. 

Issues I can help with: depression; anxiety; trauma; burnout; codependence; parenting issues; self-defeating numbing patterns such as screens, food, alcohol, weed etc; low self-esteem; setting boundaries; body-image issues; OCD; removing barriers to being your authentic self; overcoming the effects of self-centred or narcissistic parents, to name a few. 

Therapeutic approaches that inform my work: Internal Family Systems; Contemplative and Mindfulness-informed; Cognitive Behavioural; Client Centred and Compassion Focused

Group therapy:

I love running groups but am not offering any at the moment. In the past I have offered MBCT groups and I have an interest in running small process groups. If this interests you, please let me know so I can alert you when one becomes available.